Extra Brut

23,00 TTC

A champagne combining freshness and vinosity, origin and delicacy.

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The wine

This cuvée displays a brilliant yellow-green colour. It has a very lively and fine, scintillating sparkle, which feeds an attractive frothy bead. The ensemble gives an impression of freshness and crystal-clear purity.

Tasting notes

The first nose is deep, with good intensity. The floral notes come through immediately, as well as grapefruit and fresh hazelnuts.
With aeration, the expression becomes more mature; honey, quince, magnolia and candied lemon all come through. Later, the sensation is shared between the elegance of yellow flowers and French bread notes.
This wine has a very delicate, fine and rather complex nose. It expresses both the primary characteristics of the grape varieties and the secondary characteristics which develop during long months in the cellar.
Its reaction to air after twenty minutes is interesting. No sign of fatigue, even though the wine does not seem to gain in complexity.

In the mouth the attack is both fresh and broad, slightly marked by acidity, while rather flexible for this type of wine. The rather tonic sparkle and the wine’s body then bring volume, as well as vinosity. Acidity gives the rhythm, and then fades away little by little, with the balance moving towards greater flexibility. The wine settles in the mouth while the texture of the whole suggests taffeta wine.

The finish shows a lot of character. The wine regains liveliness and exhibits the reality of the chalky soil it comes from. It then disappears slowly, leaving a sensation of grapefruit skin and a suggestion of minerals.

A wine with ambivalent style, this Extra Brut harmoniously reconciles freshness and vinosity, as well as origin and delicacy.

  • Italy 60€
  • Luxembourg Livraison Gratuite à partir de 240€ - 30€
  • Bulgaria 70€
  • Croatia 90€
  • Spain 60€
  • Portugal 60€
  • Slovenia 60€
  • Belgium 40€
  • France Livraison Gratuite à partir de 260€ - 18€ - Livraison Gratuite à partir de 1€