The people - Champagne Egrot

The people

First chapter

The people - Champagne Egrot


independent, determined, courageous, cheerful, optimistic… 100% Champagne winegrower!

During the tours and tastings she organizes for her guests, Elisabeth shares her passion for generous and honest champagnes. Even if each day is different on the estate, Elisabeth wouldn’t give up her morning ritual for anything in the world: bringing her daughters to school, before busying in the office and performing administrative tasks together with a trainee from the Avize wine school she enjoys training each year. However, she never hesitates to leave her phone and computer when the vineyards need her, especially when it’s trellising season… or when she needs to escape her daily life and admire the magnificent view over the hillsides.

The people - Champagne Egrot


skilled, manual, resourceful, quiet, Cartesian… 100% Champagne winegrower!

Jean-Marie is happy in the vineyards, often checking the rain gauge or perched on his tractor he pampers like a newborn. He follows the seasons with expertise, and repeats the same precise manual gestures a thousand times: pruning, tying, disbudding, trellising… until harvest time. He also manages mechanical tasks such as ploughing and mowing the grass.

The people - Champagne Egrot


Thomas is a versatile employee working all year round on the estate and an essential member of a small, multitasking and strong team. He mainly devotes his talent to assist Jean-Marie in the vineyards.

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