The House

The sparkle of an encounter

Elisabeth, the independent one and Jean-Marie, the man of the vine, first decided to share their lives, then their terroirs and finally to establish a Champagne house in their own image - young, innovative and inspired by their complementary experiences.
Come and discover their universe, made of wine the way they like it, mature and in small quantities, old cellars to allow their bottles to mature peacefully, Elisabeth’s smile and Camille and Lily’s laughter...

A mythical community

Champagne’s soul flows through the streets of Ay. Its terroir enjoys a worldwide reputation. It produces exceptional vintages and transcends many blends. The recent granting of world heritage status to its historic slopes is well-deserved recognition. A visit is a must...

A Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyard

The average age of plants classified as Premier and Grand Cru is 35 years. Jean-Marie ensures the balance between young and old vines as well as the distribution of the grape varieties, pinot noir and chardonnay. In his opinion, care must be taken at all times to ensure quality, which is why he follows the HVE - high value to the environment - approach awarded by the French Department of Agriculture and supported by the Vignerons Indépendants de France (French Independent Wine Producers Association).

A personalised welcome

Elisabeth enjoys having guests, since this lets her display her skills, her wines and her ancient cellars. She enjoys sharing her passion because she knows that a true lover of Champagne enjoys learning all about the spirit of a Champagne house.

Modern tools

A well understood tradition relies on today’s methods, such as a pneumatic press that respects the grape while allowing its essence to be extracted. Elisabeth and Jean-Marie are present at all times while their bottles develop, Jean-Marie listening to his vines and respecting nature’s needs, and Elisabeth making blends from start to finish. Their cuvées are 100% Egrot!