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A champagne combining freshness and vinosity, origin and delicacy.

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The wine

The pale yellow appearance of the Brut comes alive under the influence of strings of bubbles which swirl and scintillate. This sparkle feeds a small frothy bead on the surface. The visual presentation presages the freshness and delicacy of this cuvée.

Tasting notes

The aromatic expression confirms this sensation; with floral notes, bread crumbs and fresh fruit, accompanied by an elegant vegetable burst, resulting in a sensation of freshness and finesse.
After a few moments the expression becomes deeper. You can taste French bread, stewed fruit (plum) as well as smoked notes. The balance enhances the youth and delicacy of the wine.

In the mouth, marked by acidity and supported by the dosage, the attack is fresh and delicious. Then, the sparkle deep within the body of the wine brings volume while acidity takes care of rhythm. This combination makes the dosage almost imperceptible.
As it warms, the wine gains in harmony and roundness. Its balance is inviting while its texture caresses.

The finish, very clean and lingering, proves to be tender and aromatic. It develops finally into gourmet praline aromas.

The house Brut expresses itself in a harmonious style. It exhibits great qualities of freshness and balance while delighting our taste buds with its creamy texture.

Food pairings

This Brut must be served at 10°C in curved flutes to optimise all its qualities. Of course, aperitif time suits this wine perfectly, in particular if accompanied by small cheese gougères. But its texture and balance mean that you can also enjoy scallops, salmon, a risotto or sushi.

  • Italy 60€
  • Luxembourg Livraison Gratuite à partir de 240€ - 30€
  • Bulgaria 70€
  • Croatia 90€
  • Spain 60€
  • Portugal 60€
  • Slovenia 60€
  • Belgium 40€
  • France Livraison Gratuite à partir de 260€ - 18€ - Livraison Gratuite à partir de 1€